Journal of Chinese Language and Computing

An International Journal of
The Chinese & Oriental Languages Information Processing Society

Volume 12, 2002

02001 Incremental Learning of d-bigram Data, Shiho Nobesawa, Tomohisa Sano, Hiroaki Saito, Masakazu Nakanishi.

02002 Hypertext Interfaces for Chinese Character and Word Dictionaries, Claire-Lise Mottaz Jiang.

02003 Evolution and Present Situation of Corpus Research In China, Zhiwei Feng.

02004 Chinese Utterance Paraphrasing for Spoken Language Translation, Chengqing Zong, Yujie Zhang, Kazuhide Yamamoto, Masashi Sakamoto, Satoshi Shirai.

02005 'Agreement/Tense' and the Nature of Chinese Infl, Jie Xu.

02006 A Hybrid Approach to Chinese POS Tagging: Integrating HMM with Log-linear, Gonghong Fu, Xiaolong Wang.

02007 An Adaptive Coarse Classification Scheme for Handwritten Chinese Characters by Using Reinforcement Learning, Guangling Sun, Xianglong Tang, Wenhao Shu.

02008 Chinese Pinyin-to-Character Conversion for Small-Memory Application, Bingquan Liu, Xiaolong Wang.