Journal of Chinese Language and Computing

An International Journal of
The Chinese & Oriental Languages Information Processing Society

Volume 8, 1998

98001 A Semantic Model Based on Phrase-Standard Grammar of Contemporary Chinese, Weidong Zhan, Baobao Chang, Shiwen Yu.

98002 Formal Criteria for Interpreting Chinese Serial Verb Constructions, Alice Yin Wa Chan.

98003 Chinese syntactic and semantic analysis based on binary relations, Wan Jiancheng, Yao Wenlin.

98004 Automatic aquisition of machine translation rule from parallel corpora, Fuji Ren, Youliang Jane, HongTao Chang, ZhengYang Ma.

98005 Error-Driven Learning of Chinese Word Segmentation, Julia Hockenmaier, Chris Brew.

98006 MI-Trigger-based Language Modeling, GuoDong Zhou, Kim Teng Lua.

98007 Integrating machine learning techniques in a guided discovery tutoring environment for Chinese characters, Isabelle Bournaud, Jean-Daniel Zucker.

98008 The application & implementation of local statistics in Chinese unknown word identification, Dayang Shen, Maosong Sun, Changning Huang.

98009 A Chinese sense disambiguation method based on sense co-occurrence frequency, Yongkui Zhang, Guoqing Zhang, Xingzhan Qi.

98010 A study on the combinatorial regulation of Chinese semantic classes, Yuan Chunfa, Huang Changning, Xu Wei, Zhu Xiaodan.

98011 A Code Detection Algorithm for Network Chinese Information Processing, Lin Jiang, Xing Li, Zhu Bin, Haifeng Zhu.

98012 Adaptive Learning and Compensation of Hidden Markov Model For Robust Speech Recognition, Qiang Huo.

98013 Integrated multilingual speech recognition --- Impact on Chinese spoken language processing, Li Deng.

98014 Design and realization of a Chinese speech platform - Tianyin Huawang System, Liu Qingfeng, Wang Ren-Hua, Ma Zhongke, Yin Bo.

98015 Overview of Chinese text-to-speech systems, Wang Ren Hua.

98016 PAT-tree-based language modeling with initial application of Chinese speech recognition output verification, Chun-Liang Chen, Bai Bo-Ren, Lee-Feng Chien, Lin-Shan Lee.

98017 Intelligent call manager based on the integration of computer telephony, internet and speech processing, Chung-Hsien Wu, Chen Yeou-Jiunn, Yan Gwo-Lang.