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Chinese and Oriental Languages Information Processing Society

The Chinese and Oriental Languages Information Processing Society is a non-profit professional organisation that was established in 1988 to advance the research of Chinese and other Asian languages. It promotes the free exchange of information about information processing of these languages in the best scientific and professional tradition. COLIPS organizes international conferences, short courses and seminars for members and the public.  Having its members from all over the world, COLIPS is based in Singapore. It is one of the founding members of Asian Federation of Natural Language Processing (AFNLP). COLIPS runs an annual conference International Conference on Asian Language Processing (IALP). COLIPS publishes the International Journal on Asian Languages Processing.

In addition to IALP conferences, COLIPS hosts other international conferences that are related to speech and language processing. Since its establishment, COLIPS has organized quite a number of international conferences and workshops in Singapore. Among them, there are Interspeech 2014, ISCSLP 2014, Blizzard Challenge Worksop 2014, AIRS 2013, Odyssey 2012, PACLIC 2011, ACL-IJCNLP 2009, CLSW 2008, ISCSLP 2006, ICCPOL 2006, CLSW 2004, Oriental COCOSDA 2003, PACLIC 2003, GCCCE 2000, ISCSLP 1998, etc.  Some of the large scale conferences are attended by over 1000 participants. In 2009, COLIPS proudly organised ACL-IJCNLP, which is a joint event of two premium conferences (ACL and IJCNLP) on natural language processing. In 2014, COLIPS organized the 15th Annual Conference of International Speech Communication Association (Interspeech 2014), which is the largest and the most comprehensive conference on spoken language processing. 

COLIPS Council Members (Term 2015-2017):

President Dr Haizhou LI
Vice President Dr Minghui DONG
Secretary Dr Lei WANG
Treasurer Dr Zhengchen ZHANG
Advisor  Dr Kim-Teng LUA
Member  Dr Bin MA
Member  Dr Ridong JIANG
Member  Dr Eng-Siong CHNG 
Member  Mr Paul CHAN
Member  Ms Tse-Min LUA 
Member Dr Yanfeng LU
Member Dr Rong TONG

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